Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Victor Davis Hanson on Iran

On Hugh Hewitt today, Victor Davis Hanson suggested we:

really need to start doing some things beyond talking, and if that is going into Iranian airspace, or buzzing Iranians, or even starting to forget where the border is and taking out some of these training camps, we need to do that and send a message, because they’re a paper tiger. They really are.

Think Progress is in total shock, of course.

We are already in a proxy war with Iran, if we begin bombing the border, or Iranian installations in which they are training insurgents, is that a much greater step? Haven't we already bombed Iran in the past for overstepping their bounds? Did total war break out then? No.

Furthermore, given Ahmadinejad's provocative comments today, isn't he only adding fuel to the fire?

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