Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Party At War With Itself

Are Democrats and their "progressive" ilk at war with one another?

The Moderate Voice had a very interesting post this week, noting that:

instead of uniting against Republicans, progressive bloggers like Matt Stoller havedecided to declare war on every Democrat who they consider not to be progressive (read anti-war) enough.

This is a trend that a number of conservative blogs have picked up on (myself included earlier this week). It's as if "progressive" bloggers have begun to operate as the party whip, enforcing the party line, (albeit, their view of what the party line should be).

Predictably, one effect is to drive the party further to the left. Another is to create friction among Democrats (witness Markos v Harold Ford), or shouting down independent thinkers, such as Joseph Lieberman.

Yet, it's also had a more worrisome effect: Convincing liberals that their vision can be the only correct view (despite the facts), and simultaenously duping its readership into delusional thinking.

Case in point - The liberal blog Think Progress has seemingly become so desperate for bad signs (given the success of the surge and the defection of many Democrats from the "war is lost" Reid/Pelosi gang), it's begun proposing wildly speculative ideas, such as: Is The Prospect Of Withdrawal Responsible For The Modest Security Gains In Iraq?

What place does such fantasy have in the realm of politics and war?

Meanwhile, in the midst of good news about the surge, DailyKos diarists are telling its readers with the utmost confidence that The Surge is Not the Solution.

Progressive bloggers are excusing known fabricators, committing blatant hypocrisy, claiming the right is hyping terror, while claiming the terror threat has gotten worse.

All this, while Democrats control both houses of Congress.

With nary a legislative accomplishment to point to, and repeated failures to even modestly bend the Bush administration to its will, it is little wonder "progressives" have drifted so maddeningly out to left field.

(via PJM)

Update: The smearing continues, as Think Progress slams Democratic Rep. Brian Baird because he "Turns To Conservative Media To Push New, Pro-Escalation Iraq Position."

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