Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Putting Baqubah Back Together

Michael Yon writes of the Herculean efforts by our American military commanders to put Baqubah back together:

When the convoy finally arrived in Baqubah, the local media was there, along with Provincial leadership, and LTC Johnson gave full credit to the mayor and other leaders right there in front of the Iraqi media. It was straight out of a Bruce Willis movie where Johnson saves the day, then watches from out of the spotlight as the mayor and governor get all the credit.

And more:

After the food came the fuel, water and electricity, and each was its own mess, each calling for more “Where is Tonto? Call him!” More “Tontos” emerged and were brought in to the process, each a catalyst to change. I’ve seen the Mayor out walking on the streets, people coming out to talk with him. He’s a bonafide media hero.

Read the whole post, it's incredibly impressive.

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