Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pre-9/11 Intelligence and the CIA

NRO, from the report, which reviewed the CIA's anti-terrorism activities before 9/11:

"counterterrorism funds and personnel were diverted from FY '97- FY'01 to "other Agency priorities." It notes that the DCI on 6 occasions in the 5 years prior to 9/11 used his authorities to move IC funds and personnel but none of these transfers supported programs to counter Osama bin Ladin or al Qaeda. The report is especially hard on the "former DCI" (George Tenet)."

Captain's Quarters has more:
"Despite Tenet's claims that he had sounded the alarm on Osama bin Laden, the CIA hadn't produced a comprehensive report focusing on bin Laden since 1993. Osama and AQ conducted a number of attacks on American assets around the world over the next eight years prior to 9/11, and yet they never revisited their analysis of bin Laden after the first World Trade Center attack."

This isn't good for George Tenet, but neither is it good for American national security, or the intelligence community. Have we learned from our mistakes?

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