Friday, August 24, 2007

Liberal Bloggers Playing Majority Whip

With news from even the mainstream media that the surge is working, and that some Democrats have noticed, the liberal Blogosphere has gone wild trying to dispel the notion that progress is being made in Iraq, or that Democrats have begun to stray from the party line.

Case in point from a DailyKos diarist:

First, Democratic candidates are actively trying to find different ways to criticize the war and the surge, and all of these ways are based on the success or failure of said war and surge, and

Second, and most important to our purposes, those who criticize candidates for their words on the War and on the Surge are cultivating the mistaken belief that we're dealing with "success" in the conventional sense. They are perpetuating that myth and allowing the Administration to simply look incompetent rather than what they truly are.

Finally, admonishing undisciplined Democrats, the diarist writes: "The Democrats need to realize this and react accordingly."

This is what it has come to, liberal Bloggers playing Majority Whip?

Smacks of desperation.

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