Thursday, August 23, 2007

Andrew Sullivan: Blaming Everyone But Beauchamp

Andrew Sullivan was quick to call Bill Kristol a thug today, highlighting the vitriolic editorial by Jonathan Chait.

Sullivan wrote, among other things, of the right's determination to vilify liberals as not backing the troops:

The clear assertion is that the "left", which includes in the Iraq case, many, many conservatives, not only knows that the surge is working, but wants to withdraw precisely because the surge is working. Because, apparently, they hate America and a free society so much they are happy to consign Iraq to a burgeoning civil war rather than face reality. Because they hate patriotic and courageous soldiers.

He then goes on a bender for three paragraphs, on a litany of charges defending the honor of war critics, and pointing out all the war's failures (notably omitting even the perception that any positive outcome has been produced, or is even possible, say, the loss of one sadistic dictator).

Sullivan concludes his vilification of the right's , grasping the baton that Mr. Chait handed him
The vileness and chutzpah of the current neocon right on the war are still somewhat staggering to me. I thought better of them. I really did. But this Weimar crapola is really depressing. I guess they have nowhere else to go.

The last sentence is key... who, but Sullivan and Chait have nowhere else to go? If they had any other recourse, but an ad hominem attack on the right, then we would be reading a rousing defense of Scott Thomas Beauchamp somewhere - anywhere in this post. Sullivan sprang to Beauchamp's side weeks ago, after all, didn't he? But today, he is silent on Beauchamp's falsehoods, instead focusing his wrath on Kristol and the neocons.

Today, it's all about the filthy neocons, not the dishonest Beauchamp and TNR.

Why must you anger the left and force them to publish phony anti-military screeds, neocons?

For the love of God, why?

See more on this here at Pajamas Media.

Update: Confederate Yankee writes to "The Editors" at TNR.


the wolf said...

Andrew Sullivan is the world's first conservative who appears not to hold dear any of the ideals of conservativism.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Sullivan = David Brock.

Opportunitistic, two-faced mendacity. He used to be readable -- now he's just Huffpo fodder.


James said...

I don't understand why anyone pays the slightest attention to Sullivan anymore. It only encourages his hissy-fits.

Happy said...

Andrew Sullivan reminds me of Michael Moore.

Son of Stan said...

Sullivan has made himself the Rosie O'Donnell of text media.

Plebian said...

Sullivan's defenses of Beauchamp sounds like Moe the Bartender:

Kristol: You know, this Beauchamp guy is a liar and a sociopath.

Sullivan: Scott Beauchamp might be a liar and a sociopath, but...what was that third thing you said again?