Friday, August 24, 2007

Terrorists By The Numbers

Bill Roggio writes of the al Qaeda counteroffensive:

Some of the results:

Police beat off the attacks, and captured 14 al Qaeda fighters in the process. One policeman and two civilians were killed, and another nine were wounded in the gunbattles.

Al Qaeda in Iraq also conducted two high profile attacks in Salahadin province. On August 22, a suicide truck bomber struck an education center in a residential area in the city of Bayji. Over 45 civilians were killed in the attack and scores more wounded.

Over 200 al Qaeda in Iraq fighters assaulted mosques and the homes of tribal sheikhs in the village of Kanan. "They blew up the mosque, then they bombed houses crowded with family members." Brig. Gen. Ali Dalayan, the police chief of Baqubah told AFP. Al Qaeda targeted the tribal sheikhs recently pledged to fight the terror group. Twenty-three people were killed during the battle, including one of the sheikhs, several of his sons, and a policeman, AFP reported. "The attackers however managed to abduct 15 people, eight women and seven children." Twenty-two al Qaeda fighters were later detained south of Kanan.

However small victories al Qaeda manages, they are still losing an average of 1,500 fighters a month in Iraq alone.

That means al Qaeda is losing at least 21 fighters for every American casualty.

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