Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hitchens Blasts Bush On Vietnam

Hitchens: To invoke Vietnam was a blunder too far for Bush

A rare criticism of Bush's Iraq war policy by Christopher Hitchens.

In this real-world argument, there is a very strong temptation for opponents of the war to invoke the lessons of Vietnam. I must have written thousands of words attempting to show that there is absolutely no analogy between the two conflicts.

Hitchens then proceeds to lay out 13 reasons why the two wars are incomparable.

However, I believe he is arguing over the details, rather than the metaphor Bush sought to express, which is: We are losing the war at home, and retreat spells a humanitarian disaster which would make today's Iraq look like a bad Friday night B-movie compared to the biblical mountains of corpses which would result from a precipitous U.S. withdrawal and loss of will to fight.

H/T Hot Air.

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