Thursday, August 16, 2007

Padilla Convicted


MIAMI, Aug. 16 — In a major victory for the Bush administration, a federal jury here found Jose Padilla guilty on terrorism conspiracy charges Thursday after little more than a day of deliberations.

I suppose those 12 jurors were neoconservative infiltrators, huh?

That would explain the only reason why DailyKos could be upset about the guilty verdict.

The big stink among the left and civil liberties types: "We arrested him for trying to plant a dirty bomb, but he was convicted of only terrorism conspiracy charges."

Big whoop. Haven't you ever seen an episode of Law & Order? Barely a show goes by when the charge isn't pleaded down. Just ask Fred.


Update: "Six of Mr. Padilla's fingerprints." Ann Althouse tears the NY Times apart.

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