Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Iran's Plan To Kill Americans

... has been years in the making.

Kimberly Kagan's new Iraq Report:

Iran began preparing to combat American forces in Iraq even before the invasion of 2003... Immediately after the U.S. invasion, thousands of members of these resistance groups, primarily from the Badr Corps, moved into Iraq and attempted to seize control of various key locations in Shia areas.

That's great. As proof of Iran's pre-meditated stealth tactics in Iraq evolve, American directors in Hollywood lavish Iran's President with praise and seek to feature him in their films.

Add Oliver Stone the apostate to the list of celebrities too ignorant, drunk, or deranged to realize that propping up dictators, autocrats and anti-American madmen lends credence to their cult of personality, and impugns their own country's honor and principles.

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