Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bullets Over Baghdad

The left has been all over recent report about a national shortage of ammunition. CarpetBagger Report wrote, for example: First, Purple Hearts; now, ammo.

Well, the truth comes out - Instapundit:

GIMME BACK MY BULLETS: IS THE WAR CAUSING A SHORTAGE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AMMUNITION? Not so much, according to Bob Owens, despite misleading press reports to the contrary. "According to two spokesmen for the world's largest ammunition manufacturer, which runs the military's ammunition manufacturing plant and separately, is a major supplier of law enforcement ammunition, it is a massive and unexpected increase in law enforcement ammunition demand that is causing delays in law enforcement ammunition delays, not the war."

Another in a long list of things the war in Iraq is NOT to blame for (Hurrican Katrina recovery, the Minneapolis bridge collapse, tornado rescue efforts, etc., etc., etc.

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