Thursday, August 16, 2007

Soltz: Wrong and Hypocritical

Jon Soltz, the smug leader of VoteVets on Hardball:

"I think that Dick Cheney, if he had it his way, would go with the neoconservative principles of forcible regime change. I mean, this is what expedited the Iranian nuclear program, there needs to be a policy in this country, never ever to let countries like Iran get Nuclear capacity."

Remember Soltz's argument for later. Soltz continued:
"The guy's [Cheney] out to lunch when it comes to protecting America, supporting the military, destroying al Qaeda."

How wrong is Soltz about the Vice President? This wrong:
Mr. Cheney has not moved on. He still awakens each day asking the same
questions he asked on Sept. 12, 2001. Then, as he sips his morning coffee, he pores over the latest intelligence on his own before receiving an exhaustive briefing on the latest threat reports. After that, he joins his boss for the president's daily intelligence briefing. All of this happens before 9 a.m. He mentions the war on terror in virtually every speech he gives, and in a letter he wrote to his grandchildren he acknowledged that his "principal focus" as vice president has been national security.

I swear, I have yet to watch him speak without brandishing his credentials:
"The difference between you and I is real simple, you're a Republican communications strategist, I'm an Iraq war veteran."

This is where the guy begins to lose it:

Our goal is to destroy al Qaeda, protect America, and limit countries like Iran from having nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, we have no military leverage with Iran, because all we have is air power, we have no ground component force to invade the country.

Republican guest:
Are you proposing a ground war on Iran? I don't think that's a very good decision.

I don't think so either.

Then why talk about troop strength?

Here's what he really wants, to promote himself:
I just recommend everybody goes to our website,, sign a petition, tell the President that we need to have diplomatic negotiations, high level diplomatic negotiations, with Iran, we need to look at Iran and create a shared vision.

Final question. How does his vow to "limit countries like Iran from having nuclear weapons" square with "high level diplomatic negotiations" to create a "shared vision?"

I suppose since Soltz is so full of it, he thinks he can talk Iran out of nuclear technology.

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