Monday, August 27, 2007

"A nuclear-armed Iran is for me unacceptable"

The gauntlet has been thrown... by the French.

PARIS, Aug. 27 — In his first major foreign policy speech as president of France,Nicolas Sarkozy calling the Iranian nuclear crisis “the most serious weighing on the international order today” and said that Iran could be attacked militarily if it did not live up to its international obligations to curb its nuclear program.

A nuclear-armed Iran is for me unacceptable,” Mr. Sarkozy said in a speech to France’s ambassadorial corps, stressing the urgency of finding a negotiated solution. “This approach is the only one that would prevent a catastrophic alternative: the Iranian bomb or the bombing of Iran.”

He's not your daddy's French President.
P.S. - Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Billions of reasons why they're not simply a fighting force, and why hitting them in the pocket will hit Iran in the pocket.

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