Monday, August 27, 2007

Disbelief, Apostasy, and Guilt

No progress seen among "progressives."

Disbelief among "progressive" bloggers regarding the success of the surge is rampant to such a degree that when news of progress on political deadlock in Iraq is reported, immediate denials, refutations, and sardonic rejections are issued:

DailyKos: More "Progress" In Iraq

Well hallelujah, the surge is working! Which caused the White House to immediately break out the champagne and declare this to be, "an important symbol," which causes any thinking person to put down their glass and read the article very carefully.

The good news can mean only bad news for "progressives":

And of course there is the well-funded and publicized PR campaign by Ayad Allawi to get his old job back. Throw in the increasing number of calls for his ouster by prominent American politicians and you can see why it was time for such a "significant political development." One that will no doubt rank right up there with the last throes and mission accomplished.

These "progressives" are guilty of apostasy; abandoning the country and ideals which provide them with the freedom to criticize - exactly what our enemies hope to crush. "Progressives" are knowingly or unwittingly feeding the propaganda goals of the enemy. The Viet Cong took heart when American anti-war activists provided moral and PR support, and likewise gloomy liberal defeatism heartens the terrorist elements within Iraq and the wider Middle East. Al Qaeda has mastered the art of media manipulation, and liberals are towing the line.

Authors of the Euston Manifesto are undoubtedly chagrined. These "progressives" have violated many of its clauses:

  • No apology for tyranny
  • Development for freedom
  • Opposing anti-Americanism
  • United against terror

The list of offenders are vast: Sean Penn and Danny Glover paying homage to Hugo Chavez, Cindy Sheehan hugging Chavez and creating a shameful spectacle from the death of her son.

Sheehan alone has become a propaganda tool for the enemy. Al Qaeda could not have asked for a better marketing campaign. We have also seen Nancy Pelosi conducting a one-woman foreign policy by meeting with Syria's dictator Bashar Assad, while Harry Reid leads the charge to declare U.S. defeat while American boots are still on the ground fighting for his country.

Liberal blogs such as DailyKos issue daily falsehoods and misinformation about the war. Reading only left-wing blogs will enable you to recite a list of U.S. military casualties and setbacks, but leaves you ignorant of the many tales of bravery and courage under fire, stories of rescue and victory, or reports about even a few of the 1,500 terrorists we are killing on a monthly basis. When a new National Intelligence Estimate is released, the downside alone is represented and held up as cause for celebration.

The view is myopic, the scope narrow.

They only have eyes for defeat.

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