Sunday, August 19, 2007

Military Praise From The New York Times

It's rare enough that it should be noted.

FALLUJA, Iraq — Falluja’s police chief, Col. Faisal Ismail Hussein, waved aloft a picture of a severed head in a bucket as a reminder of the brutality of the fundamentalist Sunni militias that once controlled this city. But he also described an uncertain future without “my only supporters,” the United States Marine Corps.

Wow. The next paragraph begins to describe what Michael Yon has been writing for months, namely, the extraordinary military, civil, and humanitarian feat our service men and women have successfully undertaken:

Nearly three years after invading and seizing Falluja from insurgents, the Marines are engaged in another struggle here: trying to build up a city, and police force, that seem to get little help from the Shiite-dominated national government.

If only the Times' editorial page could be reasoned with.

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