Sunday, August 19, 2007

On Iran's Trail

The liberal Blogosphere is beside itself with the Bush administration's recent designation of Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group, while the rest of the world yawned.

But Iraq's Kurds stand watch. A wing of the Kurdish Workers's Party has claimed it shot down an Iranian helicopter that crossed the border into Iraq. As many as 11 Iranians are thought to be dead.

As Gateway Pundit notes, Iran tells a different story:

"An armed forces' helicopter with 11 on board hit the mountains because of a storm while on a border maneuver near Piranshahr," AFP quoted Iranian radio as saying.

However, if the helicopter crash was only an accident, one has to wonder why Iran is massing troops at its border and shelling areas inside Iraq?

And Iran's troubles continue to mount:

As Pat Dollard wrote: U.S. In Pursuit Of “About 50″ Iranian Revolutionary Guardsmen

American forces are tracking about 50 members of an elite Iranian force who have crossed the border into southern Iraq to train Shiite militia fighters, a top U.S. general said Sunday.

As was said of Osama after 9/11, "You can run, but you'll only die tired."

Update: More from Bill Roggio - 2,000 troops from the Republic of Georgia are helping with the hunt.

Update: Ace is all Aces. Iran admits its role in Iraq.

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