Wednesday, August 01, 2007

On Al Qaeda "Resilience"

U.S. troops vs. al Qaeda in open battle

US: 2 dead

AQ: 35 dead

Says Jules Crittenden...

"Big win for good guys in Iraq. It's depicted in AP's effort to grasp the resilience of elusive al-Qaeda in Iraq, Down but Not Out. Valiant effort leaves some key details for last, omits others that might aid to understanding"

He quotes from the AP:

BAGHDAD — Darkness had fallen across the desert when U.S. soldiers in Humvees noticed two tractor-trailer rigs stopped on a roadway. A closer look revealed 40 to 50 men dressed in white robes and new white running shoes huddled beside the trucks.

Big loss for al Qaeda...

When the guns fell silent on the evening of July 1, the American casualties totaled two killed and 15 wounded. They had killed 35 of the enemy and captured seven, according to Lt. Col. Miciotta Johnson, commander of Task Force 1-77, who oversaw the battle.

"Sounds like a dramatic reminder that al-Qaeda in Iraq and other insurgent groups have always lost in direct confrontations with U.S. troops, confrontations which are increasingly being forced. Also, a dramatic reminder that AQI and the insurgents have always died at a far higher rate than Americans."


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