Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New Official Iranian Terrorist Group

New York Times: U.S. Weighing Terrorist Label for Iran Guards

WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 — The Bush administration is preparing to declare thatIran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is a foreign terrorist organization, senior administration officials said Tuesday.

The Times described the move as
"a more confrontational turn in the administration’s approach to Iran and would be the first time that the United States has added the armed forces of any sovereign government to its list of terrorist organizations."

The paper of record also suggested that the move would "pacify, for a while, administration hawks who are pushing for possible military action."

Gateway Pundit says it's official: US Designates Iran's Revolutionary Guard as Terrorist Org.

But the liberal CarpetBagger Report seems concerned, but also cautiously relieved at the news: Moving one step closer to a confrontation with Iran
It’s not just unusual for the United States to designate a branch of a foreign military a terrorist organization; it’s never happened.

Precedent setting. Luckily, no reason to dig a fox hole, yet:
At least for now, this appears to be about cutting off resources.

Calm down, netroots:
Does this move us closer to a military confrontation? It’s hard to say, exactly. The administration is still talking to Iran about Iraq, but the administration also believes the Revolutionary Guard is responsible for undermining U.S. efforts in Iraq.

And the obligatory doomsday scenario:
In this sense, I think Brian Beutler has it right: “[I]f Bush’s policy remains an unwillingness to distinguish between terrorists and the countries that harbor them, then he’s all but compelled to strike.”

Even if the U.S. were to "strike," why assume the worst? Opponents automatically resort to the idea that we would simply invade Iran. We have already demonstrated what a number of precision strikes could do to Iran's military infrastructure in the past. And let's not forget Israel's attack on Osirik.

Rather than full scale war, a few less Iranian warships and nuclear reactors wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Update: Last time I checked, DailyKos wasn't affiliated with any Iranian terrorist groups. Then if so, why would a Kos Blogger write: "This can't be good," in reference to the IRG's new terrorist designation? The Blogger goes on to simply characterize the IRG as "an odd duck." Understatement of the century?

Update: CounterTerrorism Blog has more.

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