Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Democrats On The Run From Truth

...while al Qaeda is on the run from U.S. troops (Richard S. Lowery):

I predict that al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) will beat a retreat to this same finger of land, or a similar border hideout in the same vicinity, in the near future. AQI is on the run in Anbar and Diyala Province. (According to the Multi-National Force-Iraq Public Affairs Office, “Eighteen paramount tribal leaders representing 14 of the major tribes in Diyala Province, Iraq, swore on the Koran and signed a peace agreement unifying the tribes in the battle against terrorism…on August 2nd.”) General Rick Lynch is running the enemy to ground, south of Baghdad. The Multi-National Division-North has made great strides in killing or capturing most all of the senior al-Qaeda leadership in Mosul. Soon, al-Qaeda’s only safe haven will be along the Iranian border. Soon, al-Qaeda will resort to the same tactics as they are using in Afghanistan.

Need more proof? The commander of a U.S. Marine Corps unit in Iraq wants to have his Marines begin patrolling without helmets and with less body armor.

Even the AP has hopped on the bandwagon:

Analysis: Military Shows Gains in Iraq
BAGHDAD (AP) - AP Video The new U.S. military strategy in Iraq, unveiled six months ago to little acclaim, is working.

In two weeks of observing the U.S. military on the ground and interviewing commanders, strategists and intelligence officers, it's apparent that the war has entered a new phase in its fifth year.

It is a phase with fresh promise yet the same old worry: Iraq may be too fractured to make whole.

And, as Pat Dollard notes: Latest Poll Shows Growing Support For Iraq War Policy

The tide is turning, and not least because Al Qaeda is guilty of monstrosities in Iraq - no matter what anyone says.

Listen up Harry, Nancy, Jack, Barack, Hillary, John, and Joe.

Perhaps we can dissuade those majority of Democrats that don't believe that a strong military helps preserve the peace.

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