Friday, September 21, 2007

DailyKos Slams Democrats

Is there a Civil War still going on in Iraq? Perhaps.

But there is another Civil War brewing... within the Democratic party.

From the DailyKos: Promises, Promises...

The past few days haven't been kind to Senate Democrats. They had their asses handed to them on habeas corpus, the Webb dwell time amendment became a joke, and Feingold-Reid went down in flames, with each defeat prompting an, "oh well, let's move on."

That's not the only bad news for the "progressive" blogosphere. If the left has also been following reports on Iraqi civilian casualties, they will have learned that violence in Iraq has plummeted, dropping to its lowest level in 18 months.

The "progressive" left has become so pathetic, they have to resort to outrageous, disgraceful blogging, with posts such as: Kansas cemetery ‘full’ because of Iraq war.

It is bad enough that Harry Reid can't get Republicans to vote for his legislation, but 22 Democrats recently crossed the aisle and sided with Republicans in condemning the ad.

This Democratic "sectarian" disagreement is nothing new, but it is getting nastier as the Iraq war is getting better.

Update: The Levin-Reed amendment failed to pass. Yet another Democratic shortcoming... no surprise there. DailyKos once again full of woe: Where's Congress?
"The NYT's editorial page is on a quest, along with all of us, for an effective Congress"

Also no surprise.


Robbins Mitchell said...

Get your tickets now for 'The Great Donkey $h!t Fight of 2008'

Anonymous said...

Hillary's gonna win, but the Dems won't be seen as the Messiah Party anymore (and I'm a Dem). Well deserved fate, since a good chunk of them voted to give W war authority and never looked over his shoulder until the poop hit the fan

Tom W. said...

When victory in Iraq is visible to all, the Repubs will hammer Hillary with her antiwar statements and votes, tying her to Code Pink and, and that'll be the end of this repulsive woman's dream of settling her humungous buttocks in the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

I have talked about this civil war between the Democrats for along time. Look at the gap between their words and their Senate Votes on the Patriot Act, Iraq War, etc.

That is why I want Hillary to win in 2008, even though I am a conservative. That is what will bring this Civil War to the center, once the unifying hatred of Bush is no longer a point to rally behind. This will being the chemotherapy needed to purge the fifth column out of the Democratic party.

mike volpe said...

This has been brewing for a while. The far left is self destructive and so eventually they will go after everyone that gets in their way. Here is how I wrote about it a while ago...

I think at some point they will get bored of attacking Bush and find a new crop of people to attack and not falling into line, or failing to their job, Democrats will be the next easy target.

No doubt that as this war moves into 2008, with the Dems completely impotent to do anything about, the nutroots are not going to simply sit around and do nothing. They will attack, attack, attack.

Stephen said...

The Democrat Party likes to harp about how the Iraqi government hasn't met their "benchmarks", well Hello Kettle, the Democrat Congress hasn't met too many of theirs, either.

M. Simon said...

I'm reminded of a Strategy Page piece on how insurgencies fail.

It seems like a series of losses prompts infighting among the insurgents and often a call for purification.

And to think it began with Joe Lieberman and the nut roots Lamont fiasco.

Thanks Joe! and if you ever run for President you have my vote.

Joseph Lihach said...

Hmmmmm...Could Bush have planned to destroy 2 insurgencies, 2 sets of fanatics, at the same time? Both AQ and the left? They both play off each others propaganda. On a related note...........the Syrians, North Koreans and Iranians also sure seem to have been lured into doing something stupid. Being enemies of democracy about as much as the left, it looks like they have been duped into believing their own BS!
Am I the only one who sees the set up here? Nukes near Israel, and the Israelis walk in and take it home for evidence! Who is the bigger Loser? Sryia? N.K.? Iran?