Saturday, September 08, 2007

Reaction To The New Bin Laden Tape

Pajamas Media has a ton of reactions from the blogosophere. I've added more.

Osama claims victory in Iraq (which, of course, is untrue). Do the Democrats still want to argue that we should leave because it's not part of the war on terror?

Even bin Laden is disgusted with the Democrats' weakness. He must at least savor Bush as a worthy opponent. Can any American legitimately feel that we will be closer to catching Osama or beating back Islamic terrorists if a Democrat is elected president?

Well, inexplicably, some do, while others gloat. But on occasion when it comes to the war on terror, even liberals have some good ideas: let’s ignore the bastard. (Although at the same time arguing that Bush has downplayed bin Laden). In any case, others point out that whether or not he is ignored, "Broadcasting bin Laden's speeches, in whole or in part, are far less dangerous than the radical, hate-filled sermons that fill many mosques in London every week, as the Times of London documents."

Yes: "Second, the affinity between Muslim extremism and Western leftism has never been so clearly displayed."

Bin Laden then and now from Gateway Pundit.

More Updated transcript and links from CounterTerrorism Blog. And the full, uncut tape from Hot Air. Other good links at Instapundit.

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