Tuesday, September 04, 2007

DailyKos: Still Wrong On Iraq

Writing on his blog today, Markos said:

There has been no political progress. Civilian and military casualties are up from the year-ago period. And the Iraqi government is in tatters.

Two responses (to keep it brief):

1) 9 of 18 benchmarks have been met, and CNN wrote "there were partial successes for enacting legislation to form semiautonomous regions, creating three Iraqi brigades to support Baghdad operations, ensuring the Iraqi government will not provide a sanctuary for outlaws and spending of $10 billion in reconstruction aid." Gateway Pundit also reports: Iraqis Meet For Secret Talks in Finland- Agree to Initiatives.

2) American military combat casualties are actually down. Significantly. And as Pat Dollard noted, if not for the Yazidi bombing, which claimed 400+ lives, Iraqi civilian casualties would be down 15-30%.

As Markos wrote, "such a joke" is right.

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