Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Petraeus VP Speculation


This just seems silly: A General For Veep?

Last spring, The Weekly Standard's William Kristol told a group of college students, in an off-the-record meeting of the Harvard Republican Club, that a ticket of Fred Thompson and David Petraeus might be able to avert electoral disaster for the GOP next year. If Petraeus proves successful as a military commander in Iraq, Kristol said, he could be a potent running mate for the former senator from Tennessee. Kristol also mentioned that he was not the only conservative insider thinking along these lines.

Quickly followed by the admonition:
It is striking that Kristol would tout General Petraeus's potential as an electoral asset while the man is still working to stabilize Iraq - a job that should be entirely nonpartisan. If Petraeus is half the soldier he's been made out to be, it would be unthinkable for him to abandon his military mission to join a political campaign.

Ironically, liberal bloggers have already attacked Petraeus as serving the will of the Bush administration, questioned his loyalty, and even fudging Iraqi casualty numbers to serve his interests, and that of his Commander-In-Chief.

Now, Petraeus is warned not to desert his post and run for office, as if the man who just volunteered for another tour in Iraq would consider abandoning his command.

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