Thursday, September 06, 2007

On That GAO Report

...that every liberal blogger is waving in the air:

From the tank:

In what should be described as humble and balanced testimony, Walker acknowledged numerous methodological problems with the report. By Walker's admission, the parameters of the GAO study did not engage the necessary criteria to properly evaluate the surge. Walker highlighted three particular problem areas with the report: (1) none of the benchmarks actually assess the change in Iraqis' daily lives (i.e. are they getting water, electricity, and food); (2) there was no directive to weigh the benchmarks even though Walker believed that "they are not of equal weight"; and (3) the report did not evaluate regional factors, such as the policies that the U.S. and Iraq have adopted for engaging Iraq's neighbors.

Meanwhile, surge progress deniers continue to fall back on bashing the troops. Namely, General Petraeus:
I don’t doubt that lawmakers will be dazzled by Gen. Petraeus’ political skills next week, but anyone who falls for this scheme is a fool.

How dare anyone accuse "progressives" of being anti-military just because they accuse the top American soldier in Iraq of deliberately and speciously misleading the public.

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