Wednesday, September 05, 2007

VoteVets' Jon Soltz Defenders and Detractors

Think Progress shows Jon Soltz in a positive light by quoting from one of his bland platitudes on his Hannity & Colmes appearance yesterday.

Pat Dollard, however, points out Soltz's blatant lies, omissions and hypocrisy:

When Soltz gets caught in his lying ” there has been a reconciliation/there hasn’t been a reconciliation” trap, he loses his shit and starts pulling his “my opinions are above criticism because I’ve been in the military card” to cover the fact that his lies have been uncovered. “I believed you! I trusted you!” - he sounds like Elmer Gantry or Jimmy Swaggert. This flows quickly into him calling Dan Senor, and by extension the Pentagon, the President, and the entire Coalition, liars. He does what the dems used to do when they rolled out Max Cleland or the 9-11 widows: They hide opinions behind emotional shields, just like terrorists hiding behind civilians.

If I have to hear this guy one more time on television shouting about his creds as an Iraq vet, I'm going to puke.

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