Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Sheiks Chose America

Lieutenant Colonel John Nagl gave a great interview to Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

Of the many points that Nagl made, two things stuck out:

First, emphasizing that the new counterinsurgency manual dictates that U.S. forces use only a minimum amount of force, emphasizing politeness, building respect among the Iraqis.

Second, Lt. Col. Nagl said that he feels the U.S. military's new policy was integral to turning the Anbar tribes. The Sheiks looked at al Qaeda's death dealing and America's reconstruction, and chose America.

This assessment, from a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States military, stands in stark contrast to New York Senator Chuck Schumer's ignorant and uninformed contention that the turning of the Sheiks had nothing to do with our military's success.

Who do you believe, top military brass involved with the war, or a pandering politician?

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