Saturday, September 08, 2007

Do You Still Support The ISG Now?

Iraq Study Group: Surge Working, Iran Needs To Be Blocked

Riehl World View has more:

If you support our troop's efforts in Iraq, you're likely to have concerns clicking on an article on Iraq that names the Iraq Study Group (ISG) and the US Institute for Peace (USIP) as sources. Don't. This may strip the last bit of cover left for surrender-crats in Congress. Yes, it calls for a fifty percent troop reduction - in three years, which is a lifetime in US politics. But it also calls for mostly a hard line on Iran.

The full article at The Washington Post.

I'm sure the "progressive" bloggers will now bash the ISG that they once defended.

In that case, liberals will also disagree with the majority of the American public, since 54% think the war is not lost, and can be won.

The ISG report would also back up the recent assessment of a British General: 'Too Soon' to Call Iraq a Failure, British General Says.

So why are Democrats still unconvinced and skeptical?

They have an election to win.

Update: Instapundit approves, and provides more links.

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