Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Liberal Wisdom

The CarpetBagger Report on Fred Thompson:

"the poor guy doesn’t know very much, particularly on matters of national significance."

Surely a man who has: practiced law for some 30+ years, including stints as an assistant U.S. Attorney, worked as a campaign manager for a U.S. Senator, served as White House counsel, investigated presidents and civil servants (including Watergate), who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, and who served 9 years in the United States Senate can be expected to know a little about "matters of national significance."

CarpetBagger, a liberal blogger, from my (shudder) own Democratic party, who promotes political novices such as John Edwards and Barack Obama, not to mention a one-and-a-quarter-term Hillary Clinton, displays some profound ignorance and hypocrisy with the claim that Thompson "doesn't know very much."

Question the man's positions or his politcal views, call him a conservative or right-wing, but he's not stupid.

Stupid is telling your voters to throw away their SUV's when you own more than a few.

Ignorant is calling for a withdrawal from Iraq, but an attack on ally Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Thompson cannot launch a campaighn because he cannot manage to keep a campaign staf together long enough to do so---thus, the CBR metaphor of "tailspin, crash, and burn before even getting his feet off the ground."

"Substantive" enough? Or am I being obtuse?

Nick Brunetti-Lihach said...

"Anonymous" (Warden Samuel Norton),

If Thompson cannot launch a campaign, why is he announcing tonight on Jay Leno?

To be clear, that metaphor was not CBR's, it was a commenters (yours?)

CBR said that Thompson didn't know much "about matters of national interest," despite the long list of accomplishments on his resume, which I listed in the comments section.

So no, not substantive enough.

More like inaccurate, once again.