Thursday, September 06, 2007

Petraeus For President Talk

There's been a lot of talk about General Petraeus running for President. I think the idea is over-hyped, preposterous, and absurd.

Liberal blog, on the other hand, have run with it, and are using it as another excuse to smear the General. Think Progress lets loose:

  • Petraeus “softened” the intelligence community’s judgments about Iraq violence.
  • Petraeus claimed the United States has “become liberators again” in Iraq.
  • Petraeus claimed life in Iraq is showing “astonishing signs of normalcy.”

The CarpetBagger Report loved the yellow journalism so much, it copied it entirely.

They support the troops, though... with one finger crossed behind their back, while assaulting the General's integrity.

Plenty more Petraeus (and military) bashing here, here, and here.

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