Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Petraeus Witch Hunt

It's just a Petraeus Hate-fest in the liberal blogosphere, particularly over at Think Progress:

August 31st: Petraeus Attempts To Manipulate Australian Election With False Claims About Iraq

September 4th: Petraeus’s office responds to misleading bios of lawmakers (alleging Petraeus deliberately falsified bios of Democratic lawmakers visiting Iraq)

September 4th: GAO Chief Suggests Administration Is Cooking The Books On Levels Of Sectarian Violence In Iraq

CarpetBagger adds: Lies, damn lies, and…

And: ‘This is General Petraeus’s baby’

DailyKos: Examples of Petraeus lying about the situation in Iraq over the years

Could there be an agenda?

Update: Kimberly Kagan has a response to the Washington Posts's Sudarsan Raghavan's Potemkin Story.

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