Tuesday, September 18, 2007

So Much For "Chickenshit"

Last week, ThinkProgress gloatingly reported that Admiral William Fallon, CENTCOM Chief, called General Petraeus a "chickenshit."

Well, it turns out those reports were totally bogus: Fallon denies animosity with Petraeus

Fallon was clearly irked by the stories about his supposed disagreements with Petraeus over the pace of that withdrawal and all-around disdain for the Army general published in outlets ranging from The Washington Post to various blogs. One story cited an unnamed senior official who said “bad relations” between Fallon and Petraeus was the “understatement of the century.” Another quoted Pentagon sources as saying Fallon openly derided Petraeus during their first meeting last March after Fallon took the CentCom reins.

The latter story particularly galled Fallon, who called it “scurrilous,” adding that the characterizations of a dysfunctional relationship with Petraeus are “just absurd.”

ThinkProgress grudgingly noted the correction.

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