Monday, September 03, 2007

More Petraeus Bashing

I can't believe they can claim to "support the troops" when they're taking such audacious shots at the General.

ThinkProgress: Tauscher Warns Of Petraeus’ Conflict Of Interest In Reporting On Escalation

Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-CA) added her name to the list of analysts and lawmakers who are raising concerns about Gen. David Petraeus’s “conflicting loyalty” between “the desire to please the president” and to report the unvarnished truth about Bush’s strategy.

Not very subtle.

And CarpetBagger:
Yesterday, Kevin Drum explained that independent of Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus has run a masterful, methodical p.r. campaign that effectively “outplayed” Democrats and other opponents of the president’s war policy. Atrios held lawmakers at least partially responsible, because they “have chosen to play along.”

As previously noted, their intentions are clear. By shamefully smearing the General, they hope to undermine the war effort. It all comes down to what "they" choose to report, which tips their hand about their attitude toward the troops, and the military in general.

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