Thursday, September 13, 2007

An American Ally In Iraq Is Killed al Qaeda.

Via Pat Dollard: Breaking: Leader Of Anbar Awakening Killed - Petraeus: “A Tragic Loss”

The most prominent figure in a revolt of Sunni sheiks against al-Qaida in Iraq was killed Thursday in an explosion near his home in Anbar province, police said. Abdul-Sattar Abu Risha was leader of the Anbar Salvation Council, also known as the Anbar Awakening—an alliance of clans backing the Iraqi government and U.S. forces.

Bill Roggio:
The Muslim holy month of Ramadan has begun with a grim attack against the leader of the movement that actively opposes al Qaeda in Iraq. Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the founder of the Anbar Awakening movement, was murdered in a car bomb attack outside of his home in Ramadi.

Sattar's murder is a serious blow to the Anbar Awakening and the fight against al Qaeda in Iraq beyond the borders of Anbar province. Sheikh Sattar has been instrumental in organizing tribal sheikhs and former Sunni insurgent groups such as the 1920s Revolution Brigades and the Mujahideen Army to band together and fight al Qaeda in Iraq.

Ace: Key Figure In "Anbar Awakening" Killed By Al Qaeda Roadside Bomb
An attempt at a mini, high-impact Tet. Important is the symbolism, that Al Qaeda can continue to operate in Anbar, even with security improvements. Though it has to be noted no one ever said Al Qaeda was utterly expelled from that province.

Sheik Sattar abu Risha had just signed a letter dedicating their success in Anbar to the victims of 9/11. Yes, that's right. A group of Sunni Muslims signed a letter dedicating the success in their mission to hunt and kill al Qaeda to the innocent dead Americans killed by fanatical Muslim terrorists on September 11th. Risha had given the letter to president Bush when he visit Anbar.

And the reaction from the "progressive" DailyKos?: Bush's Golden Boy of Anbar Assassinated.

However, the good news is that Iraqis vow to fight al Qaeda after sheikh's death.

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