Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Pot Calls The Kettle Black

Think Progress is whining again: Washington Times Propagates False Headline: ‘Senate Rejects Iraq Pullout’

Rather, the post argues, the vote was to end a conservative filibuster.

Therefore, the headline should have read: 'Senate Rejects Democratic Vote To End Conservative Filibuster.'

Does that sound any better?

Speaking of false headlines, Think Progress should consider its own casuistry:

After Years Of Misleading Excuses, Pentagon Finally Seeks Lifesaving Vehicles For Troops In Iraq

The title of this post would lead one to believe that the Pentagon has never been in search of 'Lifesaving Vehicles For Troops In Iraq.'

This, of course, is a blatant lie. More on the armor controversy here, here, here, here, and here.

If Think Progress thinks the Pentagon has just begun building or procuring 'Lifesaving Vehicles' for our troops, its writers are grossly uninformed.

Update: Pentagon May Increase MRAP Purchase - "Delivery delays have spurred the Pentagon to consider ordering up to 20,000 more armored vehicles needed to protect U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan." This doesn't exactly square with the headline by Think Progress that the Pentagon is "finally" seeking Lifesaving vehicles for the troops. Funny how those facts get in the way sometimes.

Update: A reader commented, noting further proof of misinformation with respect to armoring our troops.

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The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

This kind of reminds me of some of the body armor controversy; such as the political spin when the Pentagon was looking into the intereptor body armor.