Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Candlelight Vigil To End The War

Barbara Boxer was on a roll today during NPR's All Things Considered:

She begins by calling Robert Siegel David.

When Siegel says:

"I assume bringing out the cots means that there will be a debate on it, but we seem to know what the outcome is, what's the point of having a debate over an amendment that will not receive cloture?"

Boxer pulls the sympathy card, and then the 'Civil War' card in prompt fashion:

"The American people deserve this debate, and our fighting men and women deserve this debate, and their families, and the wounded."

"Our Iraq amendment.. the only one that will start redeploying our troops out of a Civil War, and will change the mission for our troops."

Has she done any research into the complexities of the enemy we are fighting? The al Qaeda captured and killed by our troops? Iranian involvement? The Anbar awakening? Our troops who want to stay and fight? The terrorists' hatred of freedom?

Give peace a chance... legislation by Candlelight vigil:

"We're also having a vigil tonight. And this vigil, I think is going to be very, very moving."

And as a finale, she descends into what I can only describe as Crazy Talk:

"Look, I never speculate as to how I'd vote down the road. I just know what's facing me in the next several hours and through the night. This is the only one, the only amendment, that will get our troops out of the middle of a Civil War... where they really don't know where the enemy is, who the enemy is, who's gonna fight them, who's gonna kill them, who's gonna wound them, who's gonna blow up an improvised explosive device... near their... brain, so they will never be the same, and - you know, it's all fine that Senators Warner and Lugar and I have deep respect and admiration... I'm very good friends with them. I think it's good that they're doing what they're doing, but it doesn't change a thing on the ground."

How does she know it's a Civil War if the troops 'don't even know who they are fighting?' Has she watched at least one of the Pentagon's Multi-National Force-Iraq briefings which detail al Qaeda's clear involvement in Iraq? Has she heard Zawahiri's most recent video which makes it abundantly clear what al Qaeda's intentions are?

Those are rhetorical questions, I already know the answer.

Update: DailyKos covers the 'Candlelight Call To Action' outside the Capitol building, which Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi used for a fulminating photo-op. Surely, this will turn the tide of the war in favor of the defeatist Democrats.

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