Friday, July 06, 2007

The Enemy Is Losing

Strategy Page writes that the Taliban Admits Defeat. They have:

"admitted that the Americans had infiltrated their high command, which led to the death or capture of several senior Taliban officials, and the capture of many lower ranking ones as well. There have also been some prominent defections recently, which the Taliban spokesmen did not want to talk about."

This assessment is further compounded by the group's picking a fight with American Bloggers. Clearly, they cannot handle the U.S. military, so perhaps a less formidable foe will do.

Yet, it is not just the Taliban. In Pakistan, we see the true morality of the Islamic terrorists, as they kill students at the Red Mosque they have held hostage.

And then we come to Iraq.

Only today, the New York Times reported that G.I.’s Forge Sunni Tie in Bid to Squeeze Militants. That sounds like progress. But it should be no surprise. Gateway Pundit reported on real progress weeks ago. Further proof can be found, as "the U.S. military is enlisting hundreds of fighters each day from tribal and insurgent groups in alliances aimed at countering al-Qaeda in Iraq."

And we are beginning to see the results as Officials Say Civilian Casualties in Iraq Declined.

The fight isn't over, yet the worst may have passed. Spectacular daily suicide attacks seem to have subsided from the daily wires, at least by recent memory.

It seems that the surge is working, and we should continue to let it evolve. Anbar down, Diyala down. If Baghdad can be quieted, perhaps the critics will be silenced as well.

And amid the recent positive news the Defense Department reported that Nearly 600 U.S. Troops Re-enlist in Baghdad on Independence Day. With experienced military personnel re-affirming their commitment to the war, we can see that our troops' moral has not flagged. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about much of our political leadership at home.

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