Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Moore is all for the pull out.. of his fight with CNN

Instapundit links to a Tim Blair post about someone who "cut and ran." Blair notes our LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE OVER and quotes from the Washington Post:

“Sicko" filmmaker Michael Moore called a truce Monday in his weeklong fight with CNN that flared when the network accused him of fudging facts in his popular documentary about the health-care system.

This, after he promised to become CNN's "worst nightmare."

CNN also has the video of an exchange on Larry King between Moore and Dr. Sanjay Gupta on July 11th. The split screen showing Moore's grimaces during the re-play of Gupta's report are notable.

After the segment was replayed, Gupta remains calm and conciliatory toward Moore, too much so, I would say. Note the dichotomoy in self control between Gupta's calm demeanor while Moore is speaking, versus Moore's head-shaking, face-making, smirking, mocking expressions and tone when it is Gupta's turn to speak. Bully.

By the end of the segment, Larry Kings says "Go" to Moore, prompting him to refute the facts Gupta calmly spelled out. Moore, for once, was tongue-tied.

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