Tuesday, July 24, 2007

They Love To Hate The Troops

This past week, the Blogosphere has been filled with more posts and commentary than usual on an the question of reporting on the troops.
I. Shock Troops...
Gateway Pundit has a roundup of the biggest controversy - Busted!... New Republic's "Shock Troops" Shocker Is BOGUS!, the New Republic "Shock Troops" fairy tale:
"Today it was confirmed that the New Republic's reports were just another bogus liberal attempt to harm our military. -Figures!"

Powerline compares The New Republic's piece with criticism and analysis by the New York Times:

We don't know yet whether Thomas's article is fact or fiction. Foer may yet produce facts that substantiate it. As I observed last week, however, TNR ran the article without much in the way of independent verification of the incidents recounted in it. Foer's comments in the Times article today amplify the point. Given the poor light in which they displayed our armed forces serving in Iraq, the incidents retailed by "Thomas" were self-authenticating in the eyes of TNR. "The editors" never seriously thought to question them.

Gateway Pundit also has the response from our military: MNF-Iraq Responds to The New Republic's "Scott Thomas" Tales
More also from Hot Air.

II. Haditha...
Let Freedom Ring has a few posts, with video, of Congressman Jack Murtha's shameful accusations against the Haditha Marines, of which he had not a shred of actual proof. (Incredulously, Murtha is a former Marine)

One of the accused Marines' fathers, Darryl Sharratt, is quoted after his meeting with Murtha:

At no time during the dialogue would Mr. Murtha acknowledge the impending exoneration of my son.

III. Killitary...

Little Green Footballs is right on top of a DailyKos post that mysteriously disappeared from the liberal Blog site - Killitary: How American's Armed Forces Create Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

More from Pat Dollard.

But Kos can't entirely be blamed... they were only regurgitating what The Nation wrote.

LGF also follows up with USA Today's interview of the author. His argument?
“It’s not my intention to denigrate the troops,” Corey Mitchell says. “It’s to help them when they get back.”

“The piece was completely misinterpreted by the readers,” he says. “I don’t know if that’s because I did a bad job writing it? ... My piece was pro-soldier all the way.”

Mitchell added a new preamble after all the criticism he got from "left- and right-wing blogs"
I decided to repost this after being excoriated by both left- and right-wing blogs. After speaking with various military personnel who read this post they assured me that it is very obvious and clear what I was getting at. The military trains people to kill and some of our men and women return home and don't receive the proper care to deal with the horrors of war or even the intensity of training. Not a single one of them thought I was trying to smear the soldiers or call them serial killers. They thanked me for pointing out a serious problem that gets overlooked by the military and needs to be dealt with.
And finally, also in the Nation: The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness
Written by (courtesy LGF) - "Chris Hedges, author of the discredited anti-Israel article “The Gaza Diaries,” and ... none other than the daughter of Islamic Jihad kingpin Sami Al-Arian, Laila Al-Arian. Nice company they’re keeping at The Nation."
You can judge their forthright honesty. The full piece can be found here.

With such a glut of American Solder-hating diatribes going around, it would be nice to have someone show their love. Thankfully, DailyKos shows how it supports the troops:
I don’t like our troops, I don’t like what they’re doing, I don’t like their fat, whining families, and yet, I support them. Thank God I live in a free country. Thank You.

After all, the troops do owe us, right? Wrong. We owe them... more than harsh words, libelous hyperbole, or shameful denigration of their actions and honor in the battlefield.

Update: More from The Shiled of Achilles

Update: Continued coverage from LGF

Update: Dean Barnett continues his commentary - They Grey Lady Waddles In

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