Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Anti-War Types Impugn The Anti-Mainstream Opinion

Hugh Hewitt:

Bill Kristol, Fred Kagan, Fred Barnes, Michael Yon, John Burns, Mark Steyn, Max Boot –any member of the media or any intellectual—who is even open to the idea that the overthrow of Saddam was necessary and the fight for a stable, democratic Iraq a crucial moment for the world, one requiring victory over the butchers—is despised because they know what they know and refuse to let the debate end. They are influential because they are experienced and persuasive, and this enrages especially the obscure anti-war radical whom no one will listen to no matter how much evidence they accumulate that Tower 7 was an inside job and that steel doesn’t melt.

A lot of very smart men are committed to this war, and believe that victory is a likely outcome. Anti-War liberals are obstructed from even a hint of this view because of their Bush hatred and opposition to the war in the first place.

Give peace a chance... Hey, give the surge a chance.

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