Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Assisting Suicide

Just as American politicians renew their clamour for a pullout from Iraq, the New York Times has decided to lead the charge for the media by publishing a strongly worded editorial that argues for pulling out right away. Yet, as Gateway Pundit notes, the argument is flawed and contradictory to the very core.

At the same time, Iraqi Politicians Warn Against a hasty pullout (Despite what Harry Reid says, as he smiles un-ruefully for the cameras). So what do the Iraqis know that we don't? Hot Air explains.

But one has to wonder... why no cause for celebration? After all, our enemies are threatening each other with war in the region. And, as Gateway Pundit has pointed out, the U.S. still lost more American soldiers during the first 4 years of the Clinton Administration than the 5 1/2 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead, Democrats help lend comfort to the enemy, which has assembled a formidable PR campaign to continue its successful demoralization of the American war effort here at home. One example:

It is really pathetic that we seem to be so easily giving up to the Islamic fascists. We are throwing in the towel more quickly than Vietnam, in far less time than it took us to win the Cold War, and at significantly less of a loss of life than nearly any other war this country has ever fought.

What is different? Perhaps a loss of will; fatigue after decades of America policing the world. It is unfortunate that our politicians, rather than rallying the American spirit to the defense of the weak and defeat of the cowardly murderers of innocents, Washington has resolved to acquiesce.

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