Thursday, July 19, 2007

Failure Is An Option

Shockingly, the candlelight vigil didn't work. Maybe, as DailyKos says, "Because sometimes the price of love is peace." Jeez.

In response to the Democrats' latest repeated failure to pass any significant legislation limiting the President's war powers or schedule a withdrawal, Think Progress seems to report the failure as some sort of victory:

After forcing conservatives to stand all-night and filibuster the Levin-Reed Iraq redeployment bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has pulled the entire Defense Authorization bill from consideration on the Senate floor.

Democrats forced conservativs to stay up all night. The horror.

Yet, losing a debate about whether to lose a war or not hardly left Reid with people to blame for his shortcomings, and those of his party on this issue:
In his Senate floor speech, Reid blasted “a handful of dedicated obstructionists.”

Others saw it differently:
Calling it a "colossal waste of time," Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., said the previous 24-hours of debate had been an "indignity" for the Senate.

We also saw the Senate Majority Leader's spiteful reaction to his utter loss: Reid Pulls Defense Authorization Bill Off The Floor, Vows To Return To Iraq Redeployment Legislation.

Meanwhile, many news agencies are commenting on the all-nighter as a stunt or political theater. It seems that even the press is disgusted with this Congress, and rightly so.

Gateway Pundit reminds us of a few reasons why Democrats should not be rushing to any sort of judgement that the war is a failure at this point. Because, while Congress fails its troops and the American people, legislating for defeat, our soldiers are making incredible progress by the numbers. Here are some reasons:

In Iraq- 45 out of Iraq's 55 Most Wanted have been captured or killed.

In the overall War on Terror- 18 of the top 25 Al Qaeda members have been captured or killed.

56 of the top 58 most wanted al Qaeda linked terrorists in the Saudi Kingdom have been killed or captured.

It's nice to know that someone is at least keeping track. If only the administration could rebuke its critics so poignantly.

No wonder it's the Worst. Congress. Ever.

Update: Media Matters also grasps at straws to point out a case in which a reporter's "bias" against the Democrats was visible. What a pathetically poor example.

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