Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Reporter fresh from Iraq

Pamela Hess has just returned from Iraq, and in this interview she emotionally conveys the average Iraqi's fighting spirit, and the good work American soldiers are trying to do.

If you're sick of the antiwar syllogisms, this clip will be refreshing.

"Now, here's where people on this side of the war debate, and THIS side of the war debate - I hope that they'll listen to this. This is not about the original case for war. The fact is that we invaded this country, rightly or wrongly, and that's up to people's opinions... we didn't have enough troops to impose security, but we removed the strictures of the police state. There was a whole class of people there that are professionally violent, that worked for Saddam Hussein. In addition to that, a large number of criminals, and in a culture that has a higher acceptance of violence than our culture does... we didn't impose security on top of that, thinking either naively or negligently that the people would take care of themselves... it's separate and unrelated to the case for war. It's - these people existed there, but because we invaded and handled it the way we did, we sort of allowed this power vacuum to exist, and that's the real evil that they're fighting."

"This is no longer about American national sercurity, this is about saving humans."

Pamela Hess of United Press International

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