Sunday, March 25, 2007

Suicidal Delusions

One has to wonder about the levels of depravity associated with such thinking. What are the factors which have the most effect? Poverty? Age? Ignorance? Religion? What is the primary motivating factor behind this culture of morbid, twisted hate.

You just can't make up stuff like this...

Following are excerpts from an interview with the father of Palestinian suicide bomber Tareq Hamid, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on March 6, 2007:

Tareq's father: He didn't hesitate for a moment. Some of the brothers, who were doing the surveillance and filming, told me they had said to him: "Tareq, come back, the bus is gone. Get back, and we will do it another time." He said to them: "I swear by Allah that I see the black-eyed virgins of Paradise on the hood of my car, so how can I possibly go back?" Of course, Tareq didn't return, and, Allah be praised, he crashed into the jeep, which led, according to what the Zionist enemy admitted, to the killing of six of them.

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