Sunday, March 18, 2007

Iranian Revenge

The TimesOnline has reported that Iran will hit back at US ‘kidnaps’. Alleged kidnaps, at any rate. They could be defections.

IRAN is threatening to retaliate in Europe for what it claims is a daring undercover operation by western intelligence services to kidnap senior officers in its Revolutionary Guard.

According to Iranian sources, several officers have been abducted in the past three months and the United States has drawn up a list of other targets to be seized with the aim of destabilising Tehran’s military command.

In an article in Subhi Sadek, the Revolutionary Guard’s weekly paper, Reza Faker, a writer believed to have close links to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, warned that Iran would strike back.

“We’ve got the ability to capture a nice bunch of blue-eyed blond-haired officers and feed them to our fighting cocks,” he said. “Iran has enough people who can reach the heart of Europe and kidnap Americans and Israelis.”

It is worth noting that Iran has directly threatened the United States and Isreal. The most that the U.S. has said with regard to a military strike on Iran is that it cannot be ruled out. Meanwhile, Iran is busy stifling dissent at home:

The authorities in Iran have arrested up to 1,000 teachers in a brutal crackdown that signals their determination to break a pay revolt.

While Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs scramble to find their lost generals, they somehow find time to squash dissent within the country.

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