Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back off Iran because it's a beautiful country

The website caption reads: "This is a gallery intended to show views of other side of Iran, different with what you may have seen in the media." What follows are a series of beautiful photographs of Iran, professionally done.
How inane.
Britain is beautiful, did it stop Hitler from pounding it by air? Russia is beautiful, did it stop the Russians from torching their own lands to starve Napoleon's army? America is beautiful, did it stop the Japanese? The 9/11 terrorists?

Every country is beautiful in its own right. Even the most desolate and barren regions of the world (such as Antarctica, much of North Africa, and large swaths of Australia) are majestic. But an appeal to a country's beauty has little to no grounding in reality. Even da Vinci's Last Supper was bombed during World War II.
Attempts such as these that strive to avoid war at any cost is noble, but not helpful. Let's remember that our enemies have no qualms about blowing themselves to bits, and taking scores of civilians with them, let alone saving a Mosque, a Church, or historic monument.

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