Monday, March 26, 2007

All the Presidents to be

Mona Charen argues Why Fred Thompson Should Run

His voting record is solidly conservative. He is articulate, self-made (his father was a car salesman), highly intelligent, and exudes calm authority. His star power offers him an opening with independent voters that other candidates can only dream of, while his solid conservative credentials will excite the Republican base.

It would be difficult for opponents to discredit Thompson on the grounds that he lacks experience - former New York City mayor Giuliani and freshman Senator Obama, are a case in point. There are better questions to ask, such as - what to do about Iraq?

The Chicago Tribune quotes Obama's point of view:

I don't think there are any good options left in Iraq.

There are bad options and worse options.

Many have lauded Obama's inspirational style and rhetoric. Those are not the kind of inspirational words I expect from my President. I do not fancy stylistically defeatist platitudes. How can one run on a platform of "we're screwed, guys"? Obama's bestseller is titled The Audacity of Hope. Does he not reserve even a modicum of hope that success in Iraq is achievable?

I'm holding out. As commonplace as the the prevailing attitude seems, the consensus is correct in my view - the current field is uninspiring. However, there may be surprises in store. The Washington Post writes today about a long-standing rumor that Bloomberg is eyeing '08, observers say.

The thought is appealing for its shock value, and allure to disaffected voters. Perhaps Bloomberg, running as an independent, can skillfully craft an amalgamation of each party's greatest features; Strong defense/small government Republican ideals, and Strong Health Care/Social and environmental Democratic concerns.

The persistent religious overtones and social policy intransigence among Republicans is disappointing. The seeming inaction among Republicans to adequately express the nation's need to strengthen its energy security (despite perceived global warming fears) is woeful.

The consistent projection of weakness and nonsensical multilateralism among Democrats is similarly obnoxious. Furthermore, the tendency toward overzealous private sector regulation is disturbing.

I would welcome a serious, legitimate third party candidate.

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