Monday, March 19, 2007

Screwed up priorities

TalkLeft had a post a few days ago titled Endorsing Doing Nothing on Iraq, which is perverse in the true meaning of the title, which is a criticism of Democratic supporters who propose the Democratic majority do nothing, so to speak, and refuse to pass legislation providing further funding for the war.

The multi-layered meaning that one discerns from this post and its title alone simultaneously prompts simultaneous indignation and disgust inside of me. The indignation stems from the perverted title, which intentionally or not, mirrors what many on the "right" side of the argument have decried as the wrong course of action, as in doing nothing about Iraq, or the situation in Iraq (in a military sense). The indignation actually goes further when one considers that many Democrats have criticized the President for not changing his course, his strategy, in a sense "doing nothing."

The disgust stems from the pre-meditation, thought processes, arguments and casuistry the writers must have traversed - and for what? To figure out how to help America lose the war - and I ask again for what? To get a Democrat elected President?

If that is indeed the motivation, then a greater injustice cannot be perpetrated upon the American people during a time of war. With how much greater efficacy can a blow to a nation be struck than from inside its own borders? Ronald Reagan said "Nations crumble from within," and this latest calumny is cause for us to recoil, and for our enemies to rejoice.

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