Thursday, March 15, 2007

Daily Kos turns on its own

Ahh, as we all predicted -- Dennis Kucinich is about to become one of Fox's favorite Democrats, here on last night's Fox's "The Big Story with John Gibson".

They brought Dennis on Gibson's show to defend Fox, not to let Kucinich talk about any issue. In fact, have they ever invited him on before? But now, as Fox looks for cover against charges that it's the right-wing's premier propaganda arm, there was Dennis being their useful idiot, eager to legitimize them.

And to stress a n obvious point -- the question here isn't "being afraid to go on Fox News", although that's how Fox's apologists (including Dennis) want to spin this. The question is, why lend legitimacy to an operation that is trying to actively working in concert with the Republican Party to destroy Democrats and everything progressive?

Are Republican candidates "afraid" if they refuse to live blog at Daily Kos? Nope, they'd just be smarter than Dennis and the rest of the Democratic crowd eager to jump in bed with the enemy.

If this is how Daily Kos "progressives" treat their ideological "friends"...

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