Saturday, March 10, 2007

CNN reports on Londonstan - Sharia Law in Great Britain

Muslim radicals in Britain fighting for the right to persecute, kill and maim in the name of Islam:

British cleric: "Pope Benedict, you will pay."

British Muslim Lawyer/Activist: "All of the world belongs to Allah. And we will live according to the Shari'a law."

Reporter Christiana Amanpour: "How does that kind of logic fit into a democratic state like the one we live in now? Do you not believe in democracy?

Muslim Lawyer/Activist: "Not at all. We believe the people must live under Shari'a."

Amanpour: "That would mean in a country such as Britain, people would have their hands cut off for robbery, be stoned for adultery, hanged... you can see that happening?"

Muslim Lawyer/Activist: "One day the Shari'a will be implemented in Britain. It's a matter of time. Whether it comes from peaceful discussion and debate, or whether it comes because the mujahideen sends an army one day, allah knows."

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