Thursday, March 22, 2007

Terrorist Psychological Warfare

LGF reports on a post found at a Jihadi website which instructs the aspiring Jihadi on how to influence the views of "weak-minded" Americans.

Here’s an eye-opener.

We all know they’re doing it, but this post on a jihadi web site explicitly instructs the Islamic warriors on how to manipulate “weak-minded Americans” and foster anti-war sentiment, by using popular web forums (I’m looking at you, Daily Kos) and video sharing sites like YouTube and LiveLeak to spread propaganda and disinformation.

Suggestions include: Make Americans feel frustrated with the government, make up stories about soldiers, claim to be an American, and raid website forums.

Reading about our enemies' insidious psychological tactics makes me angry, but it is to be expected. Yet, it is far more upsetting to read stories such as Did the detainees’ lawyers lie?, which detail how American lawyers representing Guantanamo Bay detainees (terrorists caught in the act, who have killed Americans), have shamelessly represented these individuals, alleged their victimhood, and organized massive "PR" campaigns to help sanitize the average Americans' perception of these prisoners - whose rights have allegedly been trampled upon. It would seem the ACLU has such an enormous glut of free time, spare energy can be devoted to foreign terrorists.

I have already written about a Wall Street Journal opinion piece entitled Gitmo's Gorilla Lawyers in a post here, which further exposes the disdainful sophistry and greed that has been investigated and uncovered (largely by citizen journalists, blogs and 9/11 families, not "real" journalists).

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